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Sue guests on the punt and dennis show, "It's Been A Bad Week" on radio 2
Always holding the belief that there is someone out there having a worse week than them, the team go on the lookout for for unusual and truly outrageous events around the world.

The news stories are then crafted into a raft of songs, impressions, sketches and observations on the stories they have come across.

The show is recorded at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London and has been going since 1999.  Fronted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, the team also includes our own Sue, Emma Kennedy, Toby Longworth, Simon Greenall and Mitch Benn.

If you would like tickets to see the recording of the show, just call Celador on 020 7845 6809 or e-mail

The show runs between 15th May and 17th July.

Edinburgh Fringe
The duo have been confirmed as performing at the Fringe Festival 2003
Been A Bad Week
Sue guests on the Punt and Dennis show for BBC Radio 2
New CD & book
The Mel & Sue Thing on CD and Mel's new maternity book
RI:SE & Shine
Mel and Sue join the team of the Channel 4 morning programme